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Reasons to Choose Us


Word of Mouth

Long standing relationships

Good track record

6+ migration agents

Years of experience

Who are Australian Visa Professionals?

Established in July 2006, Australian Visa Professionals (AVP) is a high-volume visa practice with a collaborative environment, which ensures the capability to deliver timely, accurate, and considered advice.

We have long-standing relationships with our clients, with many corporates dating back to when we first opened shop. Many of our clients come back to us for services throughout the visa cycle of temporary visa renewal, the addition of family members, permanent residence, resident return, and citizenship.

Our team offers a holistic approach to our service and encourages clients to rely on us as an Immigration resource whereby any visa related issues and questions be directed to our office. We also facilitate visa training to HR, recruitment professionals, and management at no cost as well as provide regular updates on the impact of legislative changes.

We also provide a frank and honest assessment of each application’s chance of success, detailing any potential risks upfront at highly competitive rates. We employ a team of six MARA registered migration agents (RMA) with experience ranging from 6-20 years. The benefits of choosing RMA is the length of registration as well as the depth of case history. 67% of the RMA population are registered in less than six years, with only 21% taking longer than ten years to be registered.

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